Wordless Scriptum


Released 12 April 2024


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The newest Android CD contains tracks that have not yet been published on physical sound carriers.

The Wordless Scriptum is a musically expressed five-part progress history, from the conception throughout the full development that may happen at various levels, from a personal level to the whole universe. The evolution of some of the musical pieces of Android is an event spanning through many decades, originating from piano plays by József Tőzsér keyboardist, as presented by the start of Pregenesis. Similarly, the Metamorphosis Part 2 was also originally composed as a piano piece around 1982, but its final structure, orchestration and addition of Parts 1 and 3 was done very recently. It demonstrates a metamorphosis of a melancholic E-minor melody to a cheerful D-major one. Metamorphosis is the other multipart composition of the CD besides the Wordless Scriptum.  The previously digitally published Metamorphosis (Parts 1-3) with combined and partially reorchestrated parts appear as a bonus track on this CD.

The chord progression of Feels like Feels originates from the testing of a self-made shifter (nowadays called phaser) around 1979 (even before the birth of Android Group). In the absence of other possibilities, János Dudás tried to create guitar effects this way. The original melody was first used in Two Sets of Strings, composed for the purpose of serving as a bridge between larger musical blocks in concerts. It was performed couple of times live by János Dudás and István Létmányi as a guitar duet. In its final renamed version, there are only synthesizer tracks besides the guitar ones, even the percussion was provided in that way.

Similarly to the birth of Feels like Feels, the opening theme of Incomplete Farewell was also created by testing a home-made distortion unit. The recreation of the melody with a simulated original tone (Jolana Tornado guitar – distortion unit – Orion radio) completed with a chorus and a cadence results the piece appearing in this CD.

The Spanish Romance is based on a Spanish classical guitar piece, and it is an old Android song’s (Catalan Etude) revitalization. From the original adaptation only a small middle part remained besides the Spanish guitar melody.


János Dudás – electric guitar, voice
Zoltán Nikolin – bass guitar, voice
Orbán Mező – drums
József Tőzsér – keyboards


1. Wordless Scriptum | Pregenesis 3:03
2. Wordless Scriptum | Genesis 3:30
3. Wordless Scriptum | Chaos and Order 3:52
4. Wordless Scriptum | A Kind of Joy 5:26
5. Wordless Scriptum | War and Peace 7:56
6. Feels like Feels 4:21
7. Spanish Romance 6:51
8. Incomplete farewell 6:05
9. Metamorphosis | Part 1 1:05
10. Metamorphosis | Part 2 9:01
11. Metamorphosis | Part 3 1:59
Bonus track
12. Metamorphosis Parts 1-3 12:02

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