East Of Eden Revisited

Android is a progressive group founded in 1980. “East Of Eden” was the first official CD of the band, released in 2009. On the 10th anniversary the band decided to rearrange and re-record the material as the compositions are continuously evolving, regularly played during live shows. This vinyl edition contains five of the original seven tunes. The music of Android is rather unique, combining classic progressive rock with new age, jazz, and folkloric song motifs.


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A progressive band founded in Debrecen, Hungary in the year 1980, and compare to other famous Debrecen-based bands like Color, Phanta Rei and Lux.

Android keeps performing to this day. Founders like József Tőzsér, Orbán Mező and János Dudás are still part of the current line-up. Their music is a unique mix of progressive rock and other elements like new age, jazz and folk.

The suite East Of Eden is arguably their most well-known work, written by József Tőzsér and first released in 1995 on tape. The newly recorded CD version of this album in 2009 was the band’s first official release. This material is still performed to this day but evolved and changed over the years.

For the 2019 East Of Eden Revisited edition the pieces have been rearranged and re-recorded in High Definition quality. The vinyl version contains 5 of the 7 compositions. The album remixed by Djabe’s world-renown audio engineer, Tamás Barabás. From this new mix Attila Égerházi (producer of Djabe vinyls) made the analogue master tapes, from which the cutting and pressing was done at Record Industry, Netherlands.

József Tőzsér– keyboards
István Létmányi – guitar
Zoltán Nikolin – bass guitar
János Dudás – guitar
Orbán Mező – drums

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 1,5 cm

Vinyl LP, 180g

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Release date

September 16. 2019.



Prelude (3:38)
East of Eden (5:30)
XVIth Century of Hungary (13:14)
Total time 22:22

Mirror Image of a Dream (8:18)
Apocrif (14:14)
Total time 22:32