Android releases another older production, after the East Of Eden Revisited series. The recordings of Svejkfigurák (Figurines of Svejk) were made in 2020 in the UNIDEB studio, taking advantage of the modern instrumentation and technical possibilities of today’s. Recording and mixing by János Dudás. Mastering by Tamás Barabás.


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Excerpts from the recollection of the leader of the band, József Tőzsér.

“At the beginning of Android the band’s regular guest performer was Zsuzsa Sári, who did the opening speeches and read out excerpts. She brought us together with István Magi in 1981, from him we got a screenplay based on Jaroslav Hasek’s novel »The Good Soldier Švejk« and the work of composing and writing-of lyrics began.

The first performance, titled Variations on Švejk motifs, held at KLTE Kossuth Club on 19 April, 1982, followed by a second in Aud Max, on occasion of the KLTE freshman ball on 21 November, 1982 (with the following line-up: János Dudás [drums, vocal], Géza Pataji [drums], László Székelyhidi [bass guitar, vocal], József Tőzsér [keyboards, vocal]). The play also featured members of the literary stage and the band, personifying each figurine.

In 2010, ANDROID celebrated its 30th anniversary with a large-scale double concert, in the Aud Max hall at the University of Debrecen (a place of numerous previous successful performances). During preparation we met with actor Artúr Vranyecz (from the Csokonai Theater) who gained timeless merits in reviving the material. In 2014, we also played a 25-min piece of this version in the SYMA hall in Budapest.

Given the great success of the performance, we were asked to stage the entire play for next year. Artúr’s idea was that we should ask actor Zoltán Tóth (1961-2018), who had previously played Švejk at the Csokonai Theater with great success and had been touring the country with a one-person Švejk show for years. Thus, from the kneading of his material and Artúr’s script born the version we performed on May 17, 2015 under the title Svejkfigurák, music/play in the SYMA hall.

This was followed by another performance at the ensemble’s 35th Birthday Concerts (December 6, 2015) at the Water Tower in Debrecen, with the participation of Artúr Vranyecz (Katz) and Ildikó Törő (Müllerné). The same production was performed in the summer of 2016 at the Campus Festival in Debrecen. In December 2018, in memory of Zoltán Tóth, we performed the piece again at a charity concert, this time recalling the text inserts with video details. The entire musical material, with some re-recorded songs, vocals and epilogue, gained its final form in 2020.”

József Tőzsér – keyboards, vocoder
István Létmányi – guitar, vocal
Zoltán Nikolin – bass guitar, vocal
János Dudás – guitar
Orbán Mező – drums, percussions

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6. November 2020.



Nincs már válaszút
A legszebb halál
Kaja fohász
A bűn tövises útja
Maga fog pucolni!
Neked adtam a nevemet
Ha újra tiszta lesz a levegő

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