Horgas Eszter Arcai I.

This album is the first piece out of the four record publication series from: The faces of Horgas Eszter. In January 2001, ClassJazz Band gave a concert at the Music Academy, from which a live recording was made with the contribution of Vukán György, Berkes Balázs, Balázs Elemér, Tony Lakatos – world famous saxophone player and Winand Gábor singer.


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“They say that if a man is over forty, he knows everything. Well, if a woman is over thirty, it is time to find who she really is… Classicism, jazz, romanticism, dance? …Or emotions that are sometimes passionate and wild, sometimes delicate and rather quiet? I have found all these in the cross-over genre, everything that I had been looking for since I was 10. Thanks to my two little daughters, my friends, my supporters, musician colleagues and, of course, to György Vukán.”
Horgas Eszter

The artist, who has attained almost unprecedented popularity as a classical musician, would like to play a decisive role in the introduction of cross-over into Hungary and spread it as widely as possible with the help of her strong personality.
Class Jazz Band was founded on the initiative of Horgas Eszter in 1999, with the purpose of making the genre of cross-over more popular and accepted in Hungary. Creative Art trio, and especially Vukán György, turned out to be extremely suitable partners in forming the group. This genre has by no means been far from the group during the last ten years, anyway. Relying on his remarkable experience and capabilities, Vukán composes the musical material and prepares the adaptations, to which the “safe background” and improvisatory environment is ensured by the Trio. Its members gain favour with the general public and the profession again and again.
Already shortly after their introductory concert, they appeared on stage in the jam-packed main auditorium of the Academy of Music. The concerts in Budapest were followed by country tours. In January of 2001, they gave performances in the main auditorium of the Academy of Music on two consecutive nights. Their guest artists were the world-famous saxophonist Tony Lakatos and singer Winand Gábor. Success was inevitable this time as well, the audience did not want them to leave the stage. The CD entitled “Crossover” was made from this material.

Class Jazz Band as reflected by the media:

“Class Jazz Band is a viable group that is destined for international recognition as well…”

“The technical perfection and self-confidence of Tony Lakatos on stage fascinated me… …a sensitive musician who is open to lyricism and musical poetry as well…”

“…by far the most outstanding talent among jazz singers of the younger generation is Winand Gábor. His solo performances can transform the character of any given composition in the most wide-ranging genres.”

“In Hungary, Vukán is the motor, the catalyst of cross-over and Class Jazz Band at the same time, who treats the 20th century classics and jazz evergreens with the same wonderful sense. The way he plays the piano is bold, elegant and unerringly skilful.”
Retkes Attila

Horgas Eszter – flute
Winand Gábor – voice
Tony Lakatos – saxophone
Vukán György – piano
Berkes Balázs – double bass
Balázs Elemér – drums

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1. Rag Music
2. No Lonely Nights
3. In My Sky At Twilight
4. Bolero
5. Fuga
6. Blues In The Closet
7. Early Autumn
8. Blue Rondo a' la Turk

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