István Alapi
The Last Day Of Forever

István Alapi’s first vocal rock album.

Release date: 12 November, 2021.


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Pro Arte, Artisjus and Fonogram Award-winning guitarist and composer Alapi István released his latest album, titled The Last Day of Forever. This unique solo album is the first for the musician not to feature instrumental material only. After his previous, mostly fusion rock-jazz albums, he, for the first time created a multi-colored album of vocalized rock songs.

The songs are in English, with lyrics written by American lyricist Jeff Leone. István plays all the instruments on the album, except for the drums, on which Sándor Fekete, the drummer of the Front band, can be heard.

We recommend the album to everyone who loves rock music rich in harmony and exciting instrumental parts, and colourfully varied!

István Alapi – lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Sándor Fekete – drums
Jeff Leone – background vocals, lead vocal (A Sky Out Of Season)

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Release date

12 November, 2021



  1. Two Eyes Blue
  2. The Last Day of Forever
  3. Father
  4. New Kingdom of The Celtic Fire
  5. Tears Beneath The Sun
  6. One Cry Goodbye
  7. My Golden Way
  8. One Life I’d Save
  9. A Sky Out of Season
  10. How Will I Know
  11. In The Key of Dreams
  12. Moon River

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