István Alapi
Inner Vortex

Inner Vortex is the 3rd solo release of Hungarian virtuoso guitarist István Alapi, a direct sequel to his earlier album nixFactor. The 10 original composition made even Steve Lukather, one of the fouders of the band TOTO, declare his appreciation towards the Hungarian musician.


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Pro Arte, Artisjus and Fonogram award winning István Alapi’s fusion instrumental album Inner Vortex features 10 original compositions. This release is, in its style and atmosphere, a direct sequel to the Jazz Album Of The Year and Fonogram award-winner 2012 album niXfactor, also by Alapi.
István Alapi’s compositions are hallmarked by quality, experimentation and the crossover of genres, and this album is no exception.
The project featured well-known musicians like János Nagy (piano), Zoltán Lantos (violin), Márk Beke (synthesizer), Gergő Mits (bass guitar), István Csányi (saxophone) and Szilárd Banai (drums).

Insane virtuosity! Wow… you guys are good.
I would not be able to sing it to after first listen but you cats are some of the best musicians I have heard in a long time.
Fun stuff… but probably won’t get a lot of girls to the gigs. (laughs)
I mean that as a wink-wink… (laughs)
Not hit songs in here but f***g amazing playing. Well done.
Wish you the very best luck with this project and my deep respect to all the players on this!

Steve Lukater

István Alapi – guitars, oud, electric sitaar, all keyboards, vocal
János Nagy – piano, synthesizer solo
Márk Beke – synthesizer solo
István Csányi – saxophone
Zoltán Lantos – indian violin
Gergő Mits – bass
Szilárd Banai – drums
Harun Al Rashid Jr. – percussion

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