John Hackett, Steve Hackett
Sketches of Satie

Last copies of the vinyl version of the “Sketches of Satie” album from 2000 Limited edition. Get ’em while you can!


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The vinyl version of the “Sketches of Satie” album from 2000 Limited edition.

“…John and I had long talked about a project involving Satie’s music. Would it require an orchestra or could we use the full tonal range of our own two favoured instruments to create a sound canvas worthy of the keyboard-based writing? Either way it would be a return to our musical roots when we first became aware of ‘Atmospheric’ music, brave enough to remain rhythmically static yet all the more poignant precisely because of that ‘held-back’ quality. There always was a love of music in the family home but not specifically the ‘Classical’ tradition – I’d say we found our way to this music ourselves without being pushed. For us, Satie was definitely a man ahead of his time. Unlikely modulations abound and the Minimalists were to take from him as would Jazz, and where would ‘Ambient’ music be without his example?
I can’t fully describe my delight and joy that the sessions went so well and that the album, long overdue, is now complete. I may be sticking my neck out here but I don’t believe John has ever sounded in finer form, he was obviously born to play Satie – as I am sure you’ll agree!

John Hackett – Flute
Steve Hackett – Guitar

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Side A

1. Gnossienne N°3
2. Gnossienne N°2
3. Gnossienne N°1
4. Gymnopédie N°3
5. Gymnopédie N°2
6. Gymnopédie N°1
7. Pieces Froides N°1
8. Pieces Froides N°1
9. Pieces Froides N°2

Side B

1. Avant Dernieres Pensées
2. Avant Dernieres Pensées
3. Avant Dernieres Pensées
4. Gnossienne N°4
5. Gnossienne N°5
6. Gnossienne N°6
7. Nocturnes N°1
8. Nocturnes N°2
9. Nocturnes N°3
10. Nocturnes N°4
11. Nocturnes N°5