Pettik – Egy (One)

180gr vinyl, 45 RPM

Released 28 June 2024


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“The six mini-concerts organized by My Reel Club®/Koscso Media Engineering Ltd were a major attraction of the XXII Hifi Show in Budapest in October 2023.

The final performance of the show was the Besh O DroM Quartet, a band that later performed as the Babindak, Juhász, Papesch, and Pettik Quartet.

The peck drum, a unique percussion instrument constructed by Ádám Pettik, served as the musical foundation for the performance. They created a new music that blends jazz and world music, with a special Besh o DroM flavor.

Several extraordinary and acclaimed artists contributed to this musical excursion:

Gábor Juhász – guitar,
Péter Papesch – bass guitar,
István Babindák – clarinet and saxophone,
Ádám Pettik – peckdrum 2.0

This is a special release in many respects:

– World music, which transcends the genre boundaries of jazz, is performed by fantastic artists.
– Recorded live on tape at the October Hi-Fi Show, and in both DSD256 and 4-channel (quadrophonic) digital formats.
– A unique 4-microphone set (“Kobak”) was used for the recording, which was developed as an in-house innovation.
– We wanted to record the concert as a kind of hologram, including the room ambience. This would capture the sound that people in the front row could hear, a few meters away from the musicians.
– The signal chain was the simplest in the recording. The signal generated by the DPA 4063 microphones, which were installed in the Kobak, was fed to the recording equipment via high-quality cables, without any alterations or dynamic manipulation.
– There was no editing or mastering.
– The records were made in Europe’s most prestigious pressing plant in The Netherlands at Record Industry, and was cut directly from analogue master tape.
– Only 300 copies were pressed.

After hearing the digital recordings for the first time, many of us felt that something truly great had been created. Musically and technically, it would be regrettable not to share it with the general public, beyond the 60 or 70 individuals who were able to attend the concert live.

After posting short samples of the recordings from the mini-concerts, we asked several local hi-fi Facebook groups how many people would be interested in pre-ordering so that we could possibly release this more expensive than usual audiophile LP. Within 48 hours, we had over 100 pre-orders. We had to close the pre-orders.

It is probably safe to say that this is the first community-financed, all-round audiophile 45-rpm LP release from a major European factory in the history of Hungarian music and hi-fi.”

Ferenc Koscsó
My Reel Club®

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180 g black vinyl

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28 June, 2024



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