János Nagy Trio: 50 (CD)

János Nagy Trio: 50 (CD)

We are pleased to announce that the new album of the János Nagy Trio, released by Gramy-H, Ltd. The title ’50’ refers to the 50th birthday of János Nagy (piano) and Frankie Látó (violin). In addition to the permanent members of the trio, Frankie Látó and Joubert Flóra (drums), Zita Gereben (vocals) and world-famous musicians Mike Stern (guitar) and Dominique Di Piazza (bass guitar) also participated in the production of the album.

Artisjus, eMeRTon and Erkel award-winning pianist, composer János Nagy, or ‘Yancha’ is well-known to the publisher’s customers, as he has been a member of bands Djabe, Horgas Eszter, 9:30 and European Mantra, and participated on several releases for the past 20 years. This album is the first album released under his own name, by the label GR1993 Records.

The CD is currently available for order, and a high-resolution 24-bit / 96 kHz downloadable version of the disc will be available in our webshop on the day of release. At the same time, the material will be available on known online and streaming platforms.

The album will be premiered on December 9, 2021 at the Fonó Buda Music Hall. This is also the first time this program will be performed live.

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