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Special guests Mike Stern and Dominique Di Piazza.

Release date: 19 November, 2021.


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The János Nagy Trio was 25 years old in 2019. Over the years, the line-up was always changing. The most important of witch took place in 2014, when the traditional trio (piano, bass, drums) switched to keyboards, violin, and drums.

 “Without a bass instrument, I have more freedom in terms of harmonies, rhythm, and orchestral sound. For me, there are no fixed compositions, the songs are in constant flux during a concert, and the rules we have set for ourselves could be constantly broken, more casually and more boldly. ”
– János Nagy

The current line-up of the Nagy János Trio is János ’Yancha’ Nagy (keyboards), Frankie Lato (violin), and Flóra Joubert (drums). In the spring of 2018, their CD “Debussy 100” released, guest starring French saxophonist Vincent Mascart. Next, in November of the year, their new album titled “50” will feature vocals by renowned guest musicians Dominique Di Piazza (bass guitar), Mike Stern (solo guitar), and Zita Gereben (vocal).

The album will be premiered on December 9, 2021 at the Fonó Buda Music Hall. This is the first time this program will be performed live.

“When composing, i tried to talior the pieces for the band members, in most cases. It is a great pleasure and honor to be able to perform with Dominique Di Piazza for years, not only at concerts, but also at the Balatonfüred World Music and Improvisation Camp, which is held every summer. I was able to play with Mike Stern as a member of the Balkán Union at the Nisville Jazz Festival in the summer of 2017, and this shared concert experience resulted in the collaboration what made this album possible.

Frankie Lato and I turned 50 this year, hence the title of the album. In our music, we strive for constant play, teasing, surprise, a deviation from habits, and some “naughtiness.” I don’t remember the moment i decided to be a musician, when the whole thing started. I only know my answer to the cliché question, „what do you want to be”: a musical clown. To me, music always meant play and mischief. As much as I take it seriously, and it fills my life, I will make fun out of it all if i need to.

I’ve played, and composed, all kind of music in the past years: contemporary BaB opera , film scores, remakes of protestant songs, and jazz rock., jazz-rock.

I wanted to answer the question of who I am, and this current musical material reflects me the most. This album is a kind of self-definition. It is a special gift to me to have such wonderful companions as Frankie Lato and Flóra Joubert. And the two fantastic world-famous musicians Mike Stern and Dominique Di Piazza further enhance this feeling. ”

– János Nagy

János Nagy Trio
János Nagy – piano, keyboard
Frankie Lato – violin
Flóra Joubert – drums

Guests musicians
Mike Stern – guitar
Dominique Di Piazza – bass guitar
Zita Gereben – vocal

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Downloadable album

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Release date

19 November, 2021


01 Icedrop
02 Song For My Brother
03 New Roads
04 Waltz For Didie
05 Potatoland
06 Forgive Me Lord – Waltz
07 The Letter
08 Late Night
09 Fifty Meters
10 BJC Jam
11 Things

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