Johanna Beisteiner
Live in Budapest

Budapest Symphony Orchestra conductor Béla Drahos


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The Viennese concert guitarist Johanna Beisteiner gives on this DVD a detailed overview of her large repertory and versatile artistic projects. Besides famous works by Vivaldi, Schubert, Bach and Tárrega she also plays contemporary music. In the centre of attention stands the cooperation with the Hungarian composer Robert Gulya, whose Concerto for guitar and orchestra is infl uenced by the events of 09/11 and expresses the confl icts of culturally diverse peoples. 

For the shooting of the video clip The Milonguero and the Muse Johanna Beisteiner has been working with the Argentine dancer and choreographer Rafael Ramirez. A Milonguero is a man, who tries to seduce women by dancing Tango. The clip is about a frustrated Milonguero searching for the woman of his dreams. When he catches sight of a guitarist, he thinks to have found his muse. But when dancing together, they fi nd out, that they do not fit to each other. This story is symbolic of the often sad reality in Tango: hope, expectation and disappointment.

Eduard Shafransky’s piece Refl ections on a painting by Caravaggio is based on the famous Lute player (1596). Until the 18th century the lute was a very popular instrument, but later the guitar gained increasing importance. That’s why the video is called Caravaggio today.

Johanna Beisteiner – classical guitar
Budapest Symphony Orchestra conductor Béla Drahos

Johanna Beisteiner: Robert Gulya – Tango

Interview with Robert Gulya

Johanna Beisteiner: Vivaldi – Concerto in D major, 1st movement “Allegro giusto”

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Concert with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra conductor Béla Drahos

MOZART Le nozze di Figaro – Ouverture
VIVALDI Concerto in D major for guitar, strings & BC
GULYA Concerto for guitar & orchestra – World premiere
GULYA Tango for flute, guitar & string orchestra – World premiere

Working in studio

SCHUBERT Serenade from Swan song
BACH Chaconne in D minor
SHAFRANSKY Reflections on a painting by Caravaggio

Video clip to music by
GULYA El Milonguero y la Musa
tango with Rafael Ramirez

Live at Teatro della Concordia
TÁRREGA Recuerdos de la Alhambra

BACH Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor flute Béla Drahos, The Budapest Symphony Orchestra

photos by Gábor Klinszky, Gianluca Scorteggia