New European Mantra release  – Yancha

New European Mantra release – Yancha

European Mantra is a yardstick in the Hungarian music scene.
The 2021 release of the band led by the multiple Hungarian and international award-winning drummer Gergő Borlai will be published by GR1993 Records.

European Mantra’s Yancha is the band’s 6th album. The album, consisting exclusively of Borlai’s compositions, brings the usual “Mantra” style characteristic of the band, but like all their albums, unexpected musical twists and surprises occur this time as well.

Borlai, unlike with previous European Mantra albums, has now made less use of the limitless possibilities of arrangements of technical instruments, but focused on making the band sound the same live as on the album, without any background equipment.

Thus, it is safe to say that European Mantra has in a sense returned to its own roots, which is the highest level of compassion for extremist genres, uncompromisingly, in the spirit of joy.

On Yancha everything that the band’s fans expect from the band: loud, fast, melodic, informal, funny, brave, heavy, travelling, soloing, singing. The “Mantra” style itself.

Personal recommendation – Attila Égerházi / GR1993 Records CEO

The music written by Gergő Borlai is virtuoso, extreme and astounding. As usual, it pushes the boundaries of musical abilities and styles, mixing jazz, fusion music, and rock elements.

Peta Lukács’s guitar play basically determines the sounding and quality of the Mantra. A pleasure to listen to, reminding me of some of the greatest fusion, style-creating guitarists. Even in the first track of the album, we already become captivated by Peta’s performance.

János ‘Yancha’ Nagy can participate in any musical formation with that extraordinary musical talent of his, while at the same time pushing the boundaries every time, in the best sense of the word. At the same time, his solutions and play serve the composer’s concept creatively. On the album named after him, he proves his abilities excellently.

I’m biased towards Tamás Barabás, because I’ve been playing with him for 26 years. There is no style in which he is unfamiliar with. It can be heard, however, that this virtuoso, rhythmically form-breaking record is very close to his heart. Playing with ease and elegance, he and Gergő bring grooves you rarely hear on discs. Many times these are no longer even foundations, but the production itself, which each member of the orchestra provides with professionalism and experience.

One of the most interesting albums of 2021 was certainly born in the creative workshop of endlessly informal and unbridled instrumental musical geniuses.

Attila Égerházi
GR1993 Records / Djabe

Gergő Borlai – drums, keyboard, vocal
Tamás Barabás – bass guitar
Peta Lukács – guitar, vocal
János Nagy – keyboards